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Beam the Meme

Ready to beam the meme? Upload the funniest and coolest memes to win! Wear the WITTIEST crown for the best Meme Of The Week + bragging rights with a sack of 200 ULX.

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Ulxscan: The Ultimate Blockchain Explorer

Ulxscan is a blockchain explorer and a public ledger for all transactions completed in the Ultron chain.

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2022 Ultron Foundation Recap

It's a revolutionary 2022 for the Ultron Foundation and the core team of over 40 senior developers who worked on the project in two years.

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Ultron x Witnet: A Powerhouse Partnership for Cryptoeconomics

Ultron is proud to announce its partnership with one of the strongest protocols of today, the Witnet oracle.

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Santa Ultro’s 20K ULX Airdrop.

Bring out your socks🧦. Make space under the Christmas tree🎄. Because Santa Ultro 🎅 is coming down the horizon with bags full of ULXes

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UltronSwap: A Decentralized Exchange with Supreme Features

Ultron Swap, a state-of-the-art decentralized exchange (DEX) running on the Ultron chain.

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How to Deploy a Project on the Ultron Chain

Ultron Foundation is an EVM-compatible layer-1 blockchain network with a fully functioning DeFi ecosystem that includes a native coin and dApps.

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The Ultronaut

Under the leadership of Ultron’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jacob Kappus, the marketing team launched the first edition of the company magazine called “THE ULTRONAUT” at the Future Blockchain Summit.

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Ultron Foundation’s Successful Debut at the Future Blockchain Summit 2022

The successful first public appearance of the Ultron Team, led by CEO Shukhrat Shadibekov and CTO Alex Topal piqued the interests of crypto enthusiasts, experts, and fellow exhibitors.