Validators andDelegators

Staking is the process of holding digital assets in a crypto wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network. In return, holders are rewarded for their contributions.

Earn StakingRewards

The staking structures on Ultron are highly dynamic and lucrative. Ultron users can stake their ULX at will with a validator node and receive an APY of 5%. Users may also choose to lock up their coins for a period of 2 weeks up to 365 days for a proportional reward rate up to 13% APY.

Your estimatedrewards
You stake1 ULX
5%0.05 ULX
6.3%0.06 ULX
7.6%0.08 ULX
9%0.09 ULX
10.3%0.10 ULX
11.6%0.12 ULX
13%0.13 ULX
Stake on Ultron

There are several benefits to staking on Ultron: users can receive staking rewards on staked ULX coins, assist in the protection of the Ultron network, and it enables decentralization of the network.

Deposit Your ULX

Transfer and deposit your ULX to your Ultron Wallet. On the main page of your Ultron wallet, click the "receive" button as displayed to deposit your ULX. You can then use the copy button to copy the address or the QR button to scan the wallet address.

Earn rewards

Ultron offers a truly dynamic and hugely profitable staking structure. Users can stake their ULX at any time by choosing a validator node for a staking reward of 5% annual percentage yield (APY). Users can agree to locking in their stake for a minimum time of two weeks, up to one year, in order to secure significantly greater rewards-up to 13% APY.

Low fees

Fees are levied on the Ultron network for transactions, smart contract deployment, and network creation. These fees are extremely low, but sufficient to make it extremely expensive for a malicious actor to carry out an attack or fill the ledger with useless information.

Run a Validator Node

Validator nodes are vital to Ultron network's operation. Validators run a full node and participate in consensus to enhance security and create new blocks. For Validators to run a node, Ultron requires:

Minimum requirement:

1,000,000 ULX

Maximum validator size:

10x the self-stake amount

Staking rewards:

Earn staking rewards and a 15% fee on delegators rewards

Minimum hardware requirements:

AWS EC2 m5.xlarge with 4 vCPUs (3.1 GHz) and at least 2 TB of Amazon EBS General Purpose SSD (gp2) storage (or equivalent).

More powerful configuration is recommended.

OS: Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS (64-bit) or similar.



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