Staking HubNFT

The Staking Hub NFT is an innovative digital asset growth instrument developed by the Ultron Foundation that enables users to receive daily APR returns in ULX coins. The majority of the ULX supply is destined for the Staking Hub rewards distribution.

Choose a package
You stake100 USDT

1 yr
2 yr
3 yr
4 yr
5 yr

Unlocks by year

30%0.00 ULX
25%0.00 ULX
20%0.00 ULX
15%0.00 ULX
10%0.00 ULX

Autostake ON

107%10.00 ULX
199%10.00 ULX
258%10.00 ULX
293%10.00 ULX
311%10.00 ULX
1 — Annual APY and total amount of coins on the staking account
Current exchange rate: 0.00 USDT/ULX

The Staking Hub NFT is a distribution unit that generates fixed passive digital assets on a daily basis. The coins generated through these hubs will be locked for a fixed period and gradually unlocked yearly to enable users to exchange the coins on a secondary market while guaranteeing enough liquidity to the complete ecosystem.



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