Ulxscan: The Ultimate Blockchain Explorer

Ulxscan is a blockchain explorer and a public ledger for all transactions completed in the Ultron chain.

The uses of blockchain technology have evolved since the first release of Bitcoin, spanning a multitude of industries with various virtual and real-world applications. The rise in the adoption of blockchain in wide-ranging markets is happening because of the security provided and the transparent verification process that comes with the technology.

Ultron Foundation adopted distributed ledger technology (DLT), the best combination for managing digital assets and processing transactions. To ensure transparency, a log of every transaction made is kept in an online ledger called a blockchain explorer.

All public blockchains have their unique blockchain explorer. For example, Ethereum has Etherscan, BNB has BSC Scan, and Ultron, the fastest-growing layer-1 blockchain, has ULX Scan.

What is Ulxscan?

Ulxscan is a blockchain explorer and a public ledger for all transactions completed in the Ultron chain. Blockchain explorers allow users to extract information about the carried-out transaction in the chain from its status, time and date it was initiated, wallet addresses, amount, etc.

The Interface

Its state-of-the-art interface sets ULX Scan apart from typical blockchain explorers. The dev team at Ultron made sure that the interface of ULX Scan is easy to use but full of information for tech-savvy and rookie users.

The homepage dashboard

The homepage is a dashboard with a summary of what data you can get from the platform.

The top portion of the page is the menu. These are categories with more information dedicated to the respective pages.

Above all, ULX Scan’s primary purpose is to scan millions of data recorded in the blocks efficiently and effectively. You can quickly get the information you need about certain transactions by keying in the wallet address, transaction # or the block in the search tab.

One of the notable features of blockchain technology is the ability of the system to scale every activity. Below the search tab of the ULX Scan, the scaled completed transactions, blocks generated, and the number of unique wallets created in the chain is displayed.

transaction blocks

Scrolling down the page, you will find the seven recent blocks generated and five recent transactions completed.

The Epochs page

The Epochs page will show you the timestamp highlighting an event in the blockchain, such as the distribution of staking rewards or change in validators.

the epoch detail page

When you click on the corresponding numbers on the left side of the time stamp, you will see details of the epoch. The total base reward is the total ULX rewards distributed among the stakers depending on the number of coins staked by each unique wallet in the network

Total Fee and Transaction rewards display the amount of ULX collected for gas fees and rewards. These functions are data for the reward system mechanism placed on Ultronswap’s staking, farming, and swapping.

The Staking page

The Staking page allows the Ultronauts to connect their secure wallet to participate in the delegators’ pool. The delegators’ pool is a program where users can contribute to one of the Validators and earn more ULX as a reward. You can find the full details by reading Ultron’s Whitepaper.

the staking info on validators page

Validator’s page displays the total staked and delegated assets, daily rewards, and the recent epoch recorded from the network.

Validators list

When you scroll down the page, you will see our validators' cool names, address, their system performance, staked ULX, and delegated ULX by the Ultronauts.

assets page

Ultron’s token assets are on the Assets page. There are two categories; 1. Ultron’s financial assets, and 2. All ERC 20 Tokens functional and upcoming assets in the preparatory phase are to be adopted as part of the Ultron ecosystem expansion.

The contracts page

All the contracts deployed in the system are displayed on the Contracts page.

The nft metadata page

The NFT Metadata page allows users to verify the nft and order ID in the network.

Benefits of using ULX Scan

All the transactions recorded in the blocks generated by the Ultron network can be reviewed via ULX scan. The Ultron blockchain explorer can provide the stage of confirmation for every transaction. It can be used to verify the validity of a wallet address and transaction history.

This is beneficial for confirming whether a particular wallet does exist and if transactions were implemented in the Ultron blockchain.

For example, when a user expects to receive ULX tokens in their wallet but has not been credited, the user can check the transaction status on ULX Scan. The explorer scans the data, shows the transaction status, or gives specific information about why it could not be credited.

Here are some of the advantages of ULXscan:

  • Investors can utilize ULX Scan as a research tool to scale the project with its real-time update of the blocks generated, accounts created, and transactions completed.
  • The data uploaded to the platform, such as gas fees, hash rates, the average volume of transactions, and other data, are essential when creating a strategy for investment or trading.
  • Ultron Foundation has made it possible for crypto enthusiasts to help the network’s operation by Staking/Delegating ULXes at any of the 10 Validators via ULXScan. In exchange, delegators receive rewards from the system. Currently, delegators enjoy an APR of 142%.

Ultimate UX for the Ultronauts

The tech world has had the fastest evolution since the year 2000. And with every shift, tech visionaries and engineers develop solutions to demonstrate optimized functionalities while solving issues relative to everyday life. With the advancement of technology, and the aim of enthusiasts for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, blockchain explorers have improved to have more information about a single transaction.

Ultron’s blockchain explorer - https://ulxscan.com/ has taken it to the next level by adding the user experience in navigating through the information. The design ties up with the Ultronverse vibe making it enjoyable to use without overwhelming data right before your eyes. It is one of the best blockchain explorers out there, having an easy-to-use interface and sleek design filled with information you might need in your blockchain journey.

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